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Jodi Friedman is a Reiki Master Teacher who coaches, speaks, specializes in group meditations and breathwork to help people create deep, loving connections through spiritual awareness and healing from the inside out.

As A Master Coach and practitioner
Of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Jodi helps clients get crystal clear on the direction that their innermost passion wants to drive them towards. She takes clients
through meditation to uncover their authentic vision of themselves; assisting as they take necessary steps towards mastery. She assists them through supportive Coaching to set
courageous goals that can change their lives.

After a 30+ year successful career in Real Estate, Jodi partnered with an agent to keep her foot in the door for
her large client base; while laser focusing on her thriving Reiki practice. She was the Cover Girl for Las Vegas
Woman Magazine Summer 2017 Edition.


She shares her compassionate inspirational story of changing careers in her 50's to follow her passion. Since then, Jodi has become a contributing writer for the woman's magazine.

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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

What I Specialize In

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Reset Your Belief Systems 

Establish Healthy Energy Management

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle and Incorporate daily Spiritual Practice

Set Energy Goals & Visionboarding

Personalized Coaching Programs for your Spiritual Journey

The Journey Towards Health and Wellness 

Begins on the Path of

Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Anyone in a commission sales role responsible for building their own book of business will definitely benefit from Jodi Friedman’s Coaching!

Jodi provides a simple holistic approach to find balance in each important area of a person’s life. As she helped me achieve my life goals my revenue radically increased x10. I started exercising every week and found new creative ways to thrive in sales by easily attracting really great new customers!! Since we started working together my financial picture has continued to improve and I am experiencing less stress and pressure.

I want to thank Jodi for providing this amazing experience for growth in so many ways!

- John Bomarito

Jodi Friedman, NLP, Master Coach and Reiki Master Teacher, changed my life!!!

I was given Jodi’s contact information from an energy healer that advised me to "cut cords" to help me heal from a traumatizing breakup. I wasn't eating, sleeping, or really able to function without extreme anxiety. I reached out and scheduled with Jodi and my only regret was not doing it sooner. In less than 24 hours I had a remarkable shift - I can't even explain it with words!! I am off all anxiety medication, I'm sleeping, eating - and actually smiling about life again. I've been able to sort through my feelings and focus on my healing. She helped me support myself in moving forward in my life- and remember to love myself through the rebirth and growth phase of my spirituality.

Jodi performed a karmic cut with now 4 people that were holding me back from my personal and professional growth and truly becoming my highest self - and I didn't even know it. Nor did I understand how much I was being held back until the day(s) after our sessions. I truly cannot thank her enough for the impact she's had on my healing process and life.

-A.C, VP of Sales, BCC

Working with Jodi made me feel better. Reiki is one of the healing modalities Jodi shared when using a gentle hovering and touch of her healer's hands on my body.


Although I cannot fully describe  my experience and shifts with adequate words, I can say with a 100% degree of confidence, Jodi’s touch was magical. I have a deep respect for those who have mastered their personal practice. I’m still figuring mine out, and the process is enjoyable.


Jodi comes from an ancient lineage that deserves reverence and proper acknowledgment, I am honored to have been blessed with her light and love. 

- Amervis Lopez-Cobb

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